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Dishwasher Dreams brings immigrants story to the stage- Fox News

Play at Hartford Stage spotlights immigration and the American dream

Avirodh Sharma in the Making

An exclusive interview with Xposed Tv following the career of Avirodh Sharma.

NY1 Interview 2019 - Humble Beginnings 

East Indian Music Academy was featuring on NY1, the work of Dr. Ravideen Ramsamooj, Pta. Bharati Ramsamooj and Avirodh Sharma for almost 3 decades.

David Parsons featuring Avirodh Sharma - "Microburst" 2018

"The new work, “Microburst,” was a quartet performed to classical Indian music composed and played live by Avirodh Sharma.  Brilliant and audacious, “Microburst” ---- through complex rhythmic patterns that magically fit together as if the four were having a hyperkinetic conversation with their feet. "  -Joel Benjamin, "Parsons Dance Company 2018", 2018

The New Chapter 

A clip from the first concert ever playing together at the East Indian Music Academy featuring

Hidayat Khan & Avirodh Sharma. 

Third International Fashion Diaspora  

In 2011, performed and arranged music for the Third International Fashion Diaspora. Thanks to Metropolitan Arts League, the Smithsonian, East Rock Institute and many others.

Swaranjali 2013: Spring Edition - Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya and Avirodh Sharma

April 14th, 2013 - Avirodh Sharma captivated the audience with Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya. Playing together for the very time at the East Indian Music Academy Inc.

Music Videos

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