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Some of Avirodh Sharma's partners:




“Avirodh Sharma, a virtuoso on the Indian percussion instrument the tabla.”
- Hartford Courant, Christopher Arnott
"its brilliant, fiery energy and rhythmic music, composed and performed by Avirodh Sharma. Grounded in the floor and the resonances of Sharma's timbres, the dancers mastered Parsons' athletically wondrous choreography,
 - Christina Pandolfi, Broadway World
"The new work “Microburst,” was a quartet performed to classical Indian music composed and played live by Avirodh Sharma. Brilliant and audacious...breathtaking and entertaining" - Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene
"To a compelling original score played live by tabla virtuoso Avirodh Sharma, dancers Geena Pacareu, Eoghan Dillon, Zoey Anderson, and Justus Whitfield unleashed a veritable storm of percussive movement"
 - Elizabeth Zimmer, Village Voice
"Avi is going to be Legendary" - Selva Ganesh (World Percussionist from Shakti)
"the dance, propelled by Sharma’s mesmerizing tabla playing and “microburst” vocalizations, was transportive " - Critical Dance, Jerry Hochman

"The virtuosic talents of Avirodh Sharma on tabla set the level of play at a high bar"

From the SIlk Road Journey (Press)

“The percussions hypnotic, infectious effect picked the audience right off their chairs with a higher appeal and spiritual awakening.” 

Paul Sanders, Caribbean Daylight News (Periodical)

“It is said that music can bring peace and harmony throughout the world. But behind every great thought, there is always an innovator. Today, we have an upcoming musical innovator that plans to bridge the gap between India, West Indies, and the world - Avirodh Sharma”
The West Indian News (Periodical)
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