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Avirodh Sharma's Crossing Continents

Album Release January 25, 2022


New York City's Avirodh Sharma, creator of Percussion Masters of the Caribbean with the highly anticipated new release - Crossing Continents features his trademark mix of Caribbean, Classical Indian, and electronic music. The album features special appearances by Vikku Vinayakram, Fazal Qureshi, and V. Selvaganesh.

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Tabla Player - June 15th


"Nepal's most sought-after folk-classical outfit comprised of three talented instrumentalists." Avirodh performed with two fellow instrumentalist. Representing the West Indies during the three day Brooklyn International Music Festival. The festival brings together players from different musical backgrounds and styles in one space, showcasing the diversity makes NYC such a unique and vibrant musical landscape

World Acclaimed Dance Choreographer David Parsons collaborates with Avirodh Sharma in Microburst.

Composer and Tabla Player - May 2018


Parsons Dance commissioned Avirodh Sharma to compose Microburst which had raving reviews by the Village Voice, The New York Times, and Broadway World. Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer for Hamilton and Co-founder of Parsons Dance, Howell Binkley did the Lighting Design for Microburst. From May 15-27, Parsons Dancers alongside Avirodh awed audiences every night making audiences returning for more. After many sold out shows, the contemporary dance world were blown away with the innovative choreography and musical composition. Avi was overwhelmed by the public's appreciation and support. 

New Video Release

Tabla, Abelton Push  September 2018


Groundbreaking new video blurring the lines between tradition and technology. New Video Release 

 Looking Forward features Avirodh in Rhythmic Paths new MI Album

 Recording Artist - June 2017


Melodic Intersect's Looking forward for over a year has toped world music charts and for a period of time was #1 for 8 consecutive weeks. Avi was featured in Rhythmic Paths co-composing and performing world rhythmic percussion keeping listeners wanting more. After a sold out show at Lincoln Center, the ensemble seems to have struck a chord with a new generation of world music and Indian Classical Listeners. 

Producers of "Breaking Bad", Flesh and Bone

Television Appearance - June 2015


Avirodh Sharma made a Television appearance for the Drama Series, Flesh and Bone soon to premiere on Starz Network. He had the great privilege to work with the director from "Breaking Bad" and working with the music supervisor. He was fortunate to share the scene with Musician Chris Rael. 


Inner Vision -  Avirodh Nomination for Best World Beat Album

Recording Artist - March 2015


Avirodh Sharma's latest appearance on the album "Melodic Intersect - Inner Vision" is nominated for Best World Beat Album at the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards and also made the Balot for the 57th Grammy Awards and made the Top 100 for Best World Music Album category. He recorded with renowned artists like Tarun Bhattacharya, Hidayat Khan, Enayet Hossain & others.

Prana - A Cinematic Soundscape feat. Vinay Vaswani

Music Producer - September 2013

Producer/Programmer/Tabla - Avirodh Sharma
Artist - Vinay Vaswani

Avirodh Sharma's first album produced at Globalstān Studios takes listeners into a cinematic adventure capturing soundscapes from around the world. Avirodh had the great pleasure working with Vinay Vaswani - talented vocalist from Hong Kong. Album will be available soon on iTunes. Cd's available in stores now. 

Dishwasher Dreams

Victory Gardens Theater - February 2013

Written & Performed by Alaudin Ullah
Tabla Accompanist - Avirodh Sharma
Directed by Chay Yew

​Auditioning to play a terrorist in a major Hollywood movie may be stand-up comedian Aladdin’s big break. As he prepares for his audition, he finds himself thinking back on his deceased father, who left Bangladesh for a better life in New York, and his parents’ futile attempts to raise him Muslim in Spanish Harlem. Accompanied by the tabla, Aladdin takes us on a hilarious and moving journey about art, immigration, family, the Yankees and the nature of the American dream.


October 2012


What makes Sufiana unique is that it brings together artists from India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the West Indies and the United States to synthesize Sufi poetry and music – ghazals, kafi and qawwali – by blending Indian Classical, Hip Hop , Jazz and Latin musical styles.​​

The ensemble includes Avirodh Sharma playing (Tabla & Percussion) along with (sitar player & vocalist), Hidayat Hussain Khan, the son of the late sitar maestro, Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan, Hoomayun Popal (harmonium & vocals), Steve Gorn [flute], Enayet Hossain (tabla), Craig Ebner (guitar), and future guest musicians.

Silk Road Journey - A Night in Persia

The Columbus Dispatch November 2012


For hundreds of years, the Silk Road linked Europe, the Middle East, India and China and provided passage for trade, culture, religion and philosophy across desert wastelands and high mountains​.

The ensemble includes Sitarist Dr. Hans Utter and his wife, Utpola Borah, a singer of Hindustani music, Avirodh Sharma (Guest Appearance) on Tabla, Persian lutenist Behzad K. Namazi, Persian vocalist Alireza Imani, Persian percussionist Farzad Farahani, bassist and cellist Bradley Mellen, percussionist Justin Campbell, Turkish percussionist Hakan Kaya,  Matteo Amburgy (Piano) and Indian classical dancer Sukanya Chand..


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